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Sinclair Casper Vision

Building a stronger, safer, environmentally excellent workplace for our community.

We go above and beyond as the standard rather than the exception.

Sinclair Casper Values

Integrity – What you see is what you get.

Loyalty – We are like family, we have each other’s backs.

Hard Work – Our accomplishments are the result of team work.

Customer Service – We are proud of the high quality products we produce. We work together as a team to maintain our excellent track record.

Community Citizenship – Paying it forward. In the past few years, we have completely changed our image in the community.

A special Thank You to Becky Raney, Chris McAulay, Jeannie Eckhardt and Sutton Robeson for being part of the Sinclair Refinery Values Leadership Team.
We appreciate the time and effort it took to personalize the Sinclair Corporate Values to fit our Casper Refinery.

Jim Ruble

Refinery Manager

“I believe in Employee Ownership of all aspects of our business. Our Employees control and are accountable for the decisions that have made us an industry leader in Safety, Environmental Compliance and Reliability. I am honored to have such a strong team and proud to be the Casper Refinery Manager.” – J.Ruble

Sinclair’s reputation is based on it’s core values of integrity, loyalty, treating others as you want to be treated, hard work, internal and external customer service and being good community citizens. These values have and will continue to mold and shape our company.