Sinclair Casper Refining Company is proud to be able to offer the opportunity to request Donation/Sponsorship or Volunteer Help for local organizations within Natrona County.

Please Note:

Applications for Monetary Donations/Sponsorships are ONLY reviewed TWICE A YEAR.

  • Applications submitted between November 1st – March 31st will be reviewed by the Charitable Activities Committee by the end of April.
  • Applications submitted between April 1st  – October 31st will be reviewed by the Charitable Activities Committee by the end of November.

Applications for Volunteer Help will be reviewed within 60 days of submission.  

Sinclair Casper Refinery’s Community Donation/Sponsorship Focus is “FOR THE KIDS”. We agree every community event is important and will focus our efforts on donating/sponsoring events that support the “Children of the Future” in our community. Sinclair Casper Refining Company does not make contributions to:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Anyone whose primary purpose is to influence legislation
  • Political causes – candidates or campaigns
  • Individual Teams

If you wish to submit a request please fill out the following form and click submit when you are finished. Please be sure to upload any documentation you would like to be included with your application request.

We will contact you once we have reviewed your submission.

Thank you.

Organization Info

(i.e. CEO, President, Executive Director, or Development Officer at the Organization)
Address (No PO Boxes Please)

Requester Contact Information

Organization Event Details

(Please enter event description. Please provide as much information as possible. Please tell us what the short term and long term effects this event has on your organization.)

Donation/Sponsorship/Grant Request Details

(Please explain how these monetary funds will be used and the short term & long term benefits to your organization by receiving these funds. Do these funds stay within Natrona County? )

Required upload size: 268.44MB